Second two-tone Galaxy S IIIAnticipation for the Samsung Galaxy S III is high. Feeding that anticipation is a steady stream of weekly rumors, making the device into one of the most hyped smartphones in the last twelve months. And according to the always eager to share Eldur Murtazin, excitement has reached such a fever pitch that Samsung partners have reportedly preordered 10 million Galaxy S III phones.

We've seen a wide range of rumors surrounding the device. One day we think we know the date, and the next everything is back up in the air. We think we know what the device might look like (hint: the image above), but at this point we just can't be sure.

Even without a timeframe or announcement from Samsung, the company's other devices are being received very well by the consumer market. It was announced this past week that the Korean company sold 5 million of its Galaxy Note line and, in addition, the company's Galaxy Y is doing quite well in the low-end market.

So have Samsung partners really preordered 10 million Galaxy S III devices? There's no way to know for sure without hearing it directly from Samsung itself, but judging from the reception its phones are getting, such as its Galaxy S II, we really wouldn't be surprised if that number holds true.

[via Gotta Be Mobile]