If you want to replace your old iPhone’s battery, you’ll have to wait at least four and a half weeks, according to Barclays. In some instances, stores are reporting wait times of up to 10 weeks.

The wait times are actually much longer than what was initially reported when Apple lowered the cost of its battery replacement program to $29. The discounted price came late last year after Apple admitted the company was intentionally slowing down older phones to preserve degraded batteries.

According to Barclays, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners are driving up demand for replacement batteries, which is why wait times have gotten so long. As a result of the discounted battery replacement program, Barclays has forecasted fewer iPhone sales for the year.

That may not bode well for Apple considering the iPhone X is said to be underperforming. The Cupertino company is reportedly gearing up to unveil three new iPhone X-like models this year, including a version with a 6.5-inch screen.

If you decide not to get your phone’s battery replaced due to the increased wait times, Apple is providing solace in the form of iOS 11.3, which will allow users to disable Apple’s throttling features. The software is expected to be released this spring.