Renaissance Blood THD, a first-person shooter, is now available in Tegra Zone and from Google Play for Tegra 3-powered tablets and smartphones. The game, which was built using the Unreal 3 Engine, was specifically crafted to take advantage of Tegra 3 and offers dynamic character lighting, gamma correction and advanced physics simulation. Here’s the gist: You’ll be fighting against Renaissance era baddies with variety of weapons, including crossbows and machine guns, in an effort to find Leonardo da Vinci’s lost blueprint for a machine on a quest throughout Europe.

There are currently two levels, Bart’s Hideout and Arena but three other levels are listed as “coming soon.” We gave Bart’s Hideout a quick whirl and noticed there’s not much of a tutorial — we were gang rushed by two of the guys you see in the above image the second we started the game. It’s not hard to pick up, though, you’ll just have to fire your gun a few times to riddle the bad guys with bullets before the game carries you along on its track.

We prefer free-roam first-person shooters to track-based ones, but the graphics are certainly impressive and we’ve had a ton of fun playing Renaissance Blood THD so far. The best part? It’ll only set you back $3.99.

[via Google Play]