We've posted the above video to remind you of the impeding launch of a whole new age of TechnoBuffalo this first weekend of 2011.  For those of you who operated sub-blogs during the the first incarnation of the site, thank you.    If you want to save what you're published there we suggest you look into Blogger.com and WordPress.org as a new home for your site, or one of the three trillion shared hosting blog hosts out there, but the two we recommend are both free.  We do, however, suggest you do this as soon as possible as we will start the migration to the new system on Saturday evening.

TechnoBuffalo LogoSo, before you go out for New Year's Eve to welcome in 2011, make sure that you've saved all of your data. And when you recover from all of your revelry, swing by TechnoBuffalo to check out our new digs. We think you'll like what you see.