It's kind of amazing how tech steps in to solve real-world problems we experience today. And one of the best sources for this type of innovative gadgetry tends to be Quirky, which offers everything from multiply jointed, rearrangeable surge protectors to smartphone tripods. And now it has done it again. Thanks to its recent collab with stalwart home electronics brand General Electric, we now have a concept for a jug that can help us with a simple, but vexing problem — how to tell when our milk is bad.

All it takes is one chug, and we know something's off. Well, no more. This horror can easily be avoided now with the Milkmaid, a jug that tells how much (and how good) the milk contained within actually is.

Milkmaid monitors the milk's pH levels and texts the owner if it seems sketchy. There's also a light on the jug that turns red if if the quality is suspicious, and a second set of lights tip you off if the quantity's too low. There's even an iOS app that relays its temperature, amount of milk left and a countdown until the milk's spoiled.

This is one of those small innovations that may not rank high on the "sexy tech meter," but it's practical, universal and undoubtedly handy. So if you're a milk nerd (or in a household that takes its dairy really seriously), then get on over to Quirky to show the Milkmaid some love, to take the concept to reality.

[via Digital Trends]