Gotta hand it to Capcom. The world is screaming for new IPs, and they are delivering when most aren't daring to even consider the option. France based studio Dontnond Entertainment's Remember Me might be a far cry from the Japanese action most Capcom fans are used to, but from what they've showed so far, they have a decent little cyberpunk title on their hands.

At least, I never really considered it to resemble a Capcom game until I saw most recent trailer. For the first minute and a half, the new trailer shows what could be a typical mission for the game's heroine, Nilin. Her job is to sneak into building and rip memories from people's minds. Pretty standard science fiction stuff so far.

Then it happens. At roughly the 1:30 mark, we are introduced to Kid Xmas, a huge brawler who obviously has a past with Nilin. He's not the biggest fan of her, and he challenges her to a fight in a virtual wrestling ring. His boisterous character, flashy entrance, and rock hard fighting-style shows a new side of the game, an obvious toss up to Capcom villains of old.

Kid Xmas

Now I am even more intrigued by this title. Capcom obtained the rights to publish this game in a bidding war with Sony and a few others, so I doubt they've had too much influence in the game's early designs. I also have no idea if that was the developers intentions, but I won't count the idea out if little homages like this continue to pop up.

I'm not expecting Remember Me to light up the critic scene or be anything more than a nice little summer time-waster. However, I see potential for a dark horse here. Dontnod has some cool ideas, from their Combo Lab to having gamers mail in their photos and memories to appear in the game.

The release is estimated to be around May this year for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.