Remember Me (4)

June is here! Summer is a time for minor hits and hidden gems to slowly leak out from the publishers before the busy holiday season. Capcom is getting the party started with its promising new franchise, Remember Me.

Dontnod Entertainment’s cyberpunk action game is launching in both Europe and America this week. Strangely enough, Capcom has not announced a release date on its home turf in Japan. A change in tactics, maybe?

Regardless, Capcom has released a final batch of screenshot to get games pumped. Rather than the typical fighting scenes and free-running platform sections, these atmospheric shots serve more to develop the world and its environment.

Neo-Paris is a dark and mechanical city. Wires and jagged buildings paint the skyline, and broken  platforms and garbage litter the streets. The neon-red lights also create a horrible mood of foreboding. This is not the artistic Paris we have known for years. This is not a place I want to vacation too.

Remember Me is launching tomorrow on June 4th for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.

Call me crazy, but in recent years, these experimental and smaller games have been more exciting than the AAA blockbusters which line-up for Christmas. With games like Remember Me, The Last of Us, Killer is Dead, and Dragon’s Crown, expect a busy three months.

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