It's been a while since we've heard from Capcom's promising looking new IP Remember Me, but developer Dontnod Entertainment has a brand new trailer out, and it isn't pretty.

The action packed heroine Nilin has got plenty of moves up her sleeves from chaining vicious combos to literally ripping the memories from the minds of her enemies. Just who exactly will she be facing though? We've seen her in combat with a band of faceless PMC soldiers, but they can't be the only force getting in her way.

No, Nilin must not only contend with her human counterparts, but during her cyberpunk action romp, she will be facing zombie like creatures called leapers and robots of the Metal Gear Solid brand of creepy. Then again, this wouldn't be a modern day action game without a huge variety of foes to take down.

Remember Me is still a hard one to make a call on. There seems to be a little too much of everything in this game. Zombie, robots, cyberpunk, PMCs, slapped with a sexy Mirror's Edge looking heroine, point and jump platforming, free running, and flashy particle effects. It's all the trends of gaming rolled into one project, so I would like to call it cliche looking, but I'm also still very interested in getting my hands on it. We'll see.

Remember Me will be released for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on June 4th. Don't forget.

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