remember me

Capcom thought it had a hit on its hands last year with Remember Me, a new IP it acquired through a bidding war with Sony from French studio Dontnod Entertainment. The series was hyped as a new franchise for Capcom with a lot of sequels plans, but unfortunately, the game didn't do so well, sending the development studio into "judicial reorganization."

Originally interpreted as bankruptcy by GamesIndustry International, Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert has confirmed that the company is merely downsizing and has denied anything beyond that. He does acknowledge tight financial situations, though.

"Dontnod is not in bankruptcy. I cannot say that we have no financial difficulties, we have some, but I think that now they are behind us, not in front of us. We started new projects and those new projects need some investment and we decided to resize the company in order to match these new needs. That's why we needed judicial reorganisation."

Along with the confirmation of "judicial reorganization," Guilbert took a few seconds to tease that the studio has a new game and major publisher interested.

"We are also in close negotiations with one big partner; I cannot of course announce the name and say that but we are in very close negotiations for our next project with one of the top publishers."

With a potential new big partner on the phone, what will happen to Remember Me and Dontnod's relationship with Capcom? The game was not a hit, and it remains to be seen if Capcom will pursue the new franchise with the same gusto it did during its hype train.

We were plenty hyped for Remember Me leading up to its release, but one thing led to another and we quickly forgot about it. Many seem to have as well. In a world where we beg for fresh IP, a new one comes along, and we don't buy into it. So typical of gamers.

Then again, fresh IPs don't always translate into fresh ideas, which is what doomed Remember Me from the start. I don't see many more games coming in the near future, but if you want to give it a try, it will be a free game through PlayStation Plus this month. I might finally get around to it now.