Remember Me

I am officially cleaning out the fridge. My PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection has grown too big, even for my 750 GB hard drive, and the time has come to delete anything I don't think I have a shot of playing. With that, here is a two-punch from Sony to pile onto your backlog.

Remember Me was supposed to be Capcom's newest IP and bright star of the future, but instead, nobody remembered it upon release. It sputtered into obscurity after all of Capcom's hype and alleged bidding war to win the property out from under Sony.

The game is now free through the PlayStation 3, and if it can't succeed at a free price, can it succeed anywhere? It's unfortunate that the game finds itself being released while I prioritize. The problem of succeeding while being free is that everything else is free as well.

Capcom's other free offering this week is Street Fighter x Tekken for the PS Vita. If you like fighting games and want a lot of familiar faces, this might be one to try out. I might pass on it, but I still have a lot of love for Capcom's legendary fighting studio, one of its last still churning out games like in the company's heyday, countless expansions and all.

It's just a shame that I don't have a Vita, and I do have a handful of Street Fighter IV boxes staring at me from my shelf.

Any interest? Anybody else prioritizing these days?