As cell phone related accidents grew in publicity, many states across the country banned text messaging as a way to reduce injuries on the road.Although no state completely bans all types of cell phone use, 19 states currently have a ban on texting while driving.As these rules spread to all states, The New York Times created a way to gauge how much your reaction time is hindered by distractions.

The goal of the game is simple: change lanes by hitting the corresponding lane’s number with that of the open toll.You’ll sometimes see the correct lane posted above the opened toll and other times you’ll have to watch for the overhead sign that directs you through the open lane.Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll start to receive text messages asking you to respond back.Text your answer using your mouse and the device’s keyboard while dodging closed lanes.Once you’ve finished the test, you’ll receive some frightening results.


Swing by the NYT and try it out.While it’s not exactly the same as a real world situation, you can easily understand how any distractions can leave you in an accident.Once you’ve got your results, analyze them and head back here to let us know how you fared.If your results are too good, you’ve cheated!

Can anyone tell me if these same laws apply to sexting while driving?

[Via Unclutterer]