Isn't it great, gamers?! We live in an era of choice! One where there is always a game for us. Always a bonus or some sweet swag to nab up, and thanks to that, we can choose which free DLC we want based on the store we buy it from. Gamestop, Amazon, Best Buy? Each has its own DLC pre-order bonus for outfits for Link and Zelda in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors.

What's the problem? You can only get one, unless you buy the game three times.

The other problem? Some of us need to buy the game digitally and directly through Nintendo, meaning we who give our money directly to Nintendo get nothing. Us silly expats, traitors to our homeland, need to return to our countries to benefit from pre-order bonus revolution in our native language. Either that or pay the cost of international shipping, which coincidentally is about the same as what the eventual DLC payment is going to be.

Ugh. Now I'm depressed.

Anyway, after Gamestop stepped in to snatch up the Ocarina of Time costumes for Link and Zelda, both Best Buy and Amazon have laid a claim as well to the remaining outfits. Best Buy shoppers will be able to snatch up the light and fluffy Link and Zelda from Skyward Sword, and Amazon shoppers has access to the dark and gritty Twilight Princess interpretation of the characters.

Me? I'm perfectly fine with playing as blue scarf Link until Nintendo starts selling the packs separately. At least I'll have free Ganondorf costumes from Club Nintendo to look forward too. Hooray… Which are you going to buy?

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