We have been pining for the Samsung’s Galaxy Note II after our initial hands on of the phablet at IFA earlier this month.  Earlier this week, we covered Sprint and AT&T variations of the Note II’s impending arrival.  We know that testing is currently taking place in US markets but a release date has not yet been announced.

It appears that German release dates have been leaked for the Note II, ATIV S (Windows Phone 8), as well as LTE Variations of the Galaxy SIII. While US subscribers may not swoon over news of LTE enabled SIIIs, since it’s so common these days, it is a welcome option for our German friends. Here’s a glimpse at when to expect the devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S III (LTE): Week 40/early October
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II: Week 42/mid-October
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II (LTE): Week 46/November
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (LTE): November
  • Samsung ATIV S: November

While these are the first dates we have seen for the Note II and the ATIV S, and only for the German market, it may hint a relatively similar release window for other European markets.  Hopefully the Sprint and AT&T will announce their plans for these devices shortly.

Really I just want the new phablet and “Zack Morris” around town while people point and snicker at the absurdly, but quite useful size.

[Source: Sammobile via All About Samsung]