Project Giant Robot for the Wii U went a bit under the radar at E3 last week due to it being announced in the same event as the new Star Fox, but Nintendo Creative Lead Shigeru Miyamoto still has quite a few fun ideas for the simplistic robot brawler.

The only problem is that explaining the unique mechanics the Wii U's gamepad brings to the experience isn't that exciting, and showing off the slow plodding gameplay doesn't sell the motion controls very well in a trailer. Rather than the traditional route, Nintendo had to come up with a hilarious new way to get this game out into the public. I give you, Reggie Fils-a-Mech!

Yes, the Nintendo of America President goes head to head with a cardboard "robot" created by Shigeru Miyamoto, and slaughters him, even accidentally knocking his head of. Luckily, duct-tape fixes anything and everything.

What's great about the fight is that Miyamoto demonstrates how to play his latest game without opening his mouth. Move the controller in step with the robot, grapple and battle through tilt options and the touch screen, and knock your opponent into buildings. They manage to make the game look like a lot of fun by being absolutely ridiculous.

Great advertising worthy of a laugh, and it has put Project Giant Robot on my radar, if even just a little.