HP TouchPad

Just less than a year ago, the tech world was infected with an outbreak of TouchPad fever. HP’s floundering attempt to bring webOS into the tablet arena saw a brief resurrection after the company placed the slab on fire sale status, dropping its price to $99. There’s something about a deal that’s hard to resist, because the TouchPad started selling like gangbusters. Well, folks if you got swept up in TouchPad mania, but sadly missed your chance to score one of these great pieces of tech history, the folks over at Woot are having a one day only sale on refurbished 32GB TouchPads for $195.

Sure, you could buy something with a more promising future, like a Kindle Fire for the same price, but hey these things are collector’s items. Just remember this is a one shot one kill kind of deal, so if your personal museum of tech is looking for a new exhibit, we suggest that you head on over to the source link most expeditiously.

[via: Woot]