Way back when, FLO TV was going to be the next hot thing in mobile television viewing, then the competition heated up and consumers started finding alternatives. The ability to stream content to your device with such products as Slingbox, Netflix, Apple TV, Google TV and all the other streaming applications from networks, FLO TV has died a slow, painful death.

Back in Oct., Qualcomm announced it was shutting down the FLO TV service and was contemplating different ways of compensating existing users. In an unprecedented move, the company has decided toflo-tv-dead-300 provide users with full refunds on hardware. That’s right, full refunds, no prorationing for time owned, what you paid is what you get.

Users simply need to fill in a refund claim form, which will also cancel your service, and you’ll receive a check in the mail for the full retail price of the FLO TV hardware. The amount of the refund will be based on the retail price at the time in which you activated your service, but rest assured it will be a full refund.

As for the subscription fees, users will also receive the unused portion refunded to their credit card. Full refund on hardware, unused subscription refunded to your credit card and FLO TV owners don’t even need to return the hardware. What you’re going to do with it once the FLO TV switch has been turned off is beyond me, but at least there’s no need to pack it up and ship it back to Qualcomm.

You will have until April 30, 2011 to submit your claim form for a refund, so if you’re utilizing the service, I suggest you wait until the last possible minute before filing your claim.

With all these little FLO TV units out there I’m sure there will be some creative ways to put them to good use so leave your suggestions in the comments below.