Xiaomi‘s big product announcement is just a day away, but the Chinese phone-maker couldn’t wait to show off its new devices. The company continued to tease its next generation of gadgets over the weekend, and even revealed the name of its upcoming smartphone.

In a post from Xiaomi’s official Weibo account, the company revealed that its upcoming phone will be called the Redmi Note 3. Until now we’ve assumed the phone, which packs a metal frame and a fingerprint reader, would be revealed as the Note 2 Pro. However, the decision to jump a full number up suggest this could be an even bigger upgrade both inside and out.

Over on Twitter, Xiaomi also revealed official images of both the Redmi Note 3 and the rumored Mi Pad 2. Both devices look set to pack full metal designs. That’s a first for the company, which has previously offered plastic or glass-backed smartphones and tablets.

As for that elusive Mi5, it looks we may have to wait until next year for its release, though it’s possible Xiaomi could reveal the device as its “one more thing” during Tuesday’s event. The new phone is expected to pack Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820 chip, which won’t ship with any products until early 2016. So even if the Mi5 does make an appearance tomorrow, it probably won’t actually launch for at least another few months.