Remember Typo? The Ryan Seacrest-backed company unveiled its first iPhone keyboard attachment earlier this year before BlackBerry sued to block sales. Now, Typo is back with the Typo2, a redesigned physical keyboard for the iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5.

While the original Typo looked like a pretty close copy of BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard, the Typo2 takes inspiration from Apple’s own digital keyboard design. If you’re looking for a physical keyboard that snaps onto your iPhone, this should be a solid choice. Of course, the Typo2 will cover up your phone’s fingerprint sensor, but the company says most customers don’t mind that tradeoff. We’re not so sure about that, at least considering that it’s used for making payments with Apple Pay, unlocking the device, accessing apps and more.

You can order the Typo2 for your iPhone 5/5s today for $79. Pre-orders for an iPhone 6 model start at $99, but have already sold out. Unfortunately there’s no iPhone 6 Plus option, though not from a lack of trying. “We designed one, but the phone is so big, it makes it top heavy,” Typo CEO Laurence Hallier told Re/code.

Moving forward the company says it has plans for another new keyboard design that might work for the iPhone 6 Plus. Hallier adds that an iPad accessory is also on the way and set to launch next year. He wouldn’t offer any specifics for the upcoming product, but did send a few rendered images to Re/code as a teaser, adding, “It’s a completely different take on a keyboard for the iPad.”