Reddit wants to make some serious cash and, in an effort to do so, will roll out a new feature on August 4 designed to allow brands to sponsor posts. It's probably not something hardcore Redditors want to hear, but it's also not as bad as it sounds on the surface… I don't think.

Say someone buys and Audi and loves it and finds some neat trick inside the software of the car that he or she wants to share with the world. Maybe the Audi driver posts it to Reddit and it starts to pick up traction. Audi sees this post and thinks, "Gee, we could help spread this great story about our brand." Reddit's new tools will allow it to do so, according to Ad Age. The new feature is called "Promoted User Posts" and, according to the news outlet, will put these promoted posts "in different parts of [Reddit]" to help "target specific users that the brand wants to reach."

"Reddit users don't like being bullshitted," Reddit CEO  SteveHuffman told AdAge. "Reddit is a platform where you can call people out on it. And a lot of traditional advertising feels like we're being taken advantage of and nobody likes that. But when advertisers come with honest intentions we see a much higher level of engagement with the brand. We don't see hostility and we have valuable connections."

Procter & Gamble is one such partner that plans to take advantage of the new system, noting that it will drop $300 million on Reddit advertising. Big changes are afoot. I wonder how many we'll end up seeing.