reddit flickr

Reddit is rolling out a new in-house image hosting feature, making it possible to upload pictures directly to the site instead of relying on a third-party service like Imgur. The new feature was announced this week and is available now for 16 of the most popular subreddit communities with 50 more coming next week.

The company is limiting images to 20MB while GIFs can take up 100MB of space. By comparison, Imgur lets you post 20MB images and 200MB GIFs. Reddit is also applying its standard content policy to the new service, which blocks harmful and illegal uploads.

Posting media directly to Reddit has a few other advantages. GIFs will now show up inside Reddit's official app, offering easier access with fewer taps. Clicking on an in-house image will also bring you to a special comment section focused on that picture.

The move will likely come as a blow to Imgur, which was originally created with the express goal of sharing images on Reddit. However, the unofficial sister site quickly became a booming community to rival Reddit, so it should be able to weather the storm.