Redbox game rentals

As promised, Redbox began a nationwide rollout of video game rentals this past weekend.

Redbox launched video games in 21,000 of the ubiquitous red vending machines this past Friday, and seeing as there are a total of 27,000 of the machines, that’s a pretty healthy chunk of them.  Thus far the selection seems to be fairly limited, but at $2 a night, and the ease with which you can pick these up, it’s doubtful many people will be complaining.  As with movies, you can find which kiosks near you have your desired title, and then you can reserve it for pick up so you don’t have to sweat someone beating you to the machine.  There is also no work on how often game titles will be changed up, but seeing as a good chunk of the currently available titles are just from the previous month of releases, our guess would be fairly often.

During a two year test of game rentals, Redbox found that kiosks with games performed 10 to 15 times better when it came to revenue.  With their overall gross being down two percent in the last quarter due to weaker than expected DVD rentals, this seems like the perfect time to roll this new service out.

What do you think?  Will you give game rentals from Redbox a shot?