Redbox free game nightDid you know that Redbox offers video games rentals in addition to the company’s normal DVD and Blu-ray choices? Apparently not many people do, so to raise awareness of this fact, the company is running a limited time promotion by offering free single-day video game rentals. Between Sunday, February 26, and Thursday, March 1, customers will get 30 different titles to choose from on PS3, Xbox360 and Wii. Games include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

While 24 hours isn’t enough time for most folks to beat a game, the offer will at least give customers the chance to see if something like New Super Mario Bros. Wii is worth picking up (hint: it is!). After the free day runs its course, the usual $2/day rate will kick in. Titles can only be reserved in advance online, either through Redbox’s website or using the company’s iPhone or Android apps. Additionally, credit cards are required to cover any costs beyond the first free day should you choose to keep it longer.

For a full rundown of titles, check out Redbox.

[via Time]