Starting June 17th, you will be able to rent video games out of your local Redbox. Redbox has announced plans to offer video game rentals at 21,000 locations by mid-June. The company has been testing video game rentals in 5,000 locations, with the results encouraging the retailer to extend video game rentals to all of its locations.

Redbox offers movie rentals on a daily basis vending machine style from places like the grocery store. Traditional DVDs cost $1 a day to rent, with Blu-ray discs coming in slightly higher at $1.50 per night. Video game rentals out of the kiosks will run $2 per night.

I live in a test market, so I've actually already done a bit of video game renting out of the Redbox down the street. If I could actually remember to return the discs when I'm done with them – it could actually be a pretty good deal. It's definitely nice for the "Let me check out this game before I drop $50 on it" factor. If you're like me and can't handle getting your rentals back on time, Gamefly offers a Netflix-like service for game rentals, that runs $14.95 per month.

What do you think about Redbox offering video game rentals? Will any of you take advantage of the game rental option?