Redbox Instant hasn't done all that much to position itself as a sure alternative to something like Netflix, but it's still in early days. It'll grow, it'll get better. It'll also join up with the Xbox 360 as the "exclusive console launch partner," according to Major Nelson.

You'll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription, of course, and also a Redbox Instant plan, so access won't be cheap—at least in terms of just using Redbox's new service on the Web. Redbox Instant offers a $6 a month streaming-only option, $8 a month for streaming and four DVDs rentals, or $9 a month for streaming, DVDs and Blu-rays.  

Redbox users can also purchase and rent new digital releases, giving consumers yet another option when deciding how to consume content. Redbox Instant is expected to come out of beta before April, so we'll likely hear more finalized information about the service as that date approaches.