Last week, Apple took us by surprise and revealed a red iPhone. Its stunning crimson color looks gorgeous, but in true Apple fashion, it left us wanting because Apple decided to include a white front instead of black. We’ve since seen some renders, but YouTuber Danny Winget took matters into his own hands and made a red iPhone 7 with a black display—and it looks awesome.

This is the red iPhone of our dreams, but lets get the bad news out of the way: this is neither easy nor cheap to do.

Swapping the displays isn’t the only thing you’ll need to do. Apple pairs iPhone Touch ID sensors with the logic board, which means if you don’t swap logic boards, the home button will still work but fingerprint functionality won’t. The easier option would be just to swap home buttons, but then you’d be stuck with a white home button on the black display for a weird combination.

Just how difficult is the process?

Aside from swapping displays, the entire process is very difficult. To remove the logic board, you must also remove the battery, camera module and taptic engine. Danny Winget points out that in the process he tore a ribbon cable and had to scrap an iPhone. That means he had to go through three iPhones to complete the process. He also points out that the procedure will tear off some of the adhesive necessary for the iPhone’s waterproof design and the inclusion of new parts might void the Apple warranty.

The total tally will run you near $2,000 if all goes well. If you end up scrapping an iPhone display like Danny did, it might be even more expensive.

The final product is beautiful; words can’t do it justice. The sleek red color compliments the back display for a mean-looking iPhone. This just makes me question why Apple didn’t go with this combination.