Red Dead Redemption, the surprise hit wild West game is getting a new DLC (Downloadable Content) on August 10th, and it is packed with new features that should greatly extend the life of the game for you.

Coming out on Tuesday the 10th, Legends and Killers will be costing you 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, and $9.99 on the PlayStation Network.  The only problem with this is that it appears this will be only one of many DLC packs for this game, and by the time you're done you're looking at $40 to $50 for all of the extra content.

Red Dead Redemption DLCPricing concerns aside, you'll be getting a lot of new features this time around that include:

  • Nine new multiplayer map locations
  • Eight new multiplayer characters from Red Dead Revolver
  • A tomahawk
  • New achievements and trophies

Considering the first DLC pack came out in June, there's a good chance the next one will hit in Oct., but for now, will you be grabbing this one?