Rockstar. Please.

On Sunday, Rockstar games shot off a tweet that sent gamers into a frenzy. That tweet was simply their standard Rockstar logo with a Red Dead hue. This morning, Rockstar took to Twitter and posted an image that’s unmistakably related to Red Dead.

Here’s the Tweet.

Seven shadows loom in front of a setting sun complete with that standard Red Dead color scheme? If this isn’t the sequel to Red Dead Redemption, I might go nuts.

It also suggests either a story that revolves around seven main characters or an extended focus on online play.

Aside from random rumors, we know nothing about this game. We know Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar, recognizes Red Dead as a well selling franchise, so we’d always see a sequel to Red Dead Redemption.

Perhaps now is the time for a reveal. Even better, what if they launch the game in May of 2017?

Any guesses at the title? I’m going with Red Dead Revenge.