No, before you ask, they don’t list it as December 31, 2017. That’s typically a placeholder date for games due during a calendar year without a precise release announced. Polish retailer Media Markt (an apparently large electronics shop) has listed October 3, 2017, for Red Dead Redemption 2.

The date was discovered and posted to Reddit. Our advice? Ignore this.

On the one hand, we absolutely get that absurd levels of hype make fans salivate at dates like these. The fact that it’s a precise date does lend perhaps an ounce of credence to the “leak,” but that’s about it.

On the other hand? Wait for Rockstar

Just wait. Retailers put this stuff up all the time, and more often than not the dates are completely wrong. Some employee likely popped that placeholder date into the system based on nothing but a guess.

It’s interesting, and we think the story is compelling as a whole, but take this date with a grain of salt.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is due this year. Maybe.