RED ASH – The Indelible Legend looks pretty great, but so far, it hasn't been nearly as successful on Kickstarter as Keiji Inafune's previous game, Mighty No. 9. Any number of factors could be holding it back, but the main one in particular could be that it is aimed only at PC release. No consoles cuts out a huge audience, and Comcept has just addressed the issue.

$1 million will land RED ASH on a console, but which one remains still remains in question. Comcept says it can be only one console for now because of pricing, and it needs to negotiate with the console maker before it can make the announcement official. Doesn't sound like enough of a vote of confidence because I wouldn't want the Xbox One to get it if I was donating with the intention of playing on PlayStation 4 or Wii U. That just doesn't make sense!

The adjustment to the stretch goals also changed the $1.3 million goal, the one which finishes the story, to the $1.5 million needed to tell the entire story. So, half the story will only be available if it reaches the funding requested. The whole story will be obtained if it reaches almost double! Mega Man Volnutt is still stuck on the moon 15 years later, and Comcept might start a project that never sees Beck getting back to Earth either!

Where will he end up being trapped at the end of episode 3, I wonder?

Sorry, but this campaign just isn't working for me. I absolutely love the look of the game and the driving force behind it, but too many questions remain and nothing seems very well executed or planned. So far, it's only been reactionary to the underwhelming response. We were just spoiled my Bloodstained's perfectly run campaign, and this doesn't even compare.

A console announcement could be the bump that RED ASH needs though. Shenmue III recently announced plans to release a physical version of its game, and it surged in its numbers that day deep into the $4 million range. That could only mean the power of a physical, console option is still strong. I've learned to embrace digital gaming, but a physical version of RED ASH would be quite nice for my inner Mega Man Legends fanboy.

Comcept also released a jazzy RED ASH theme song composed by the one and only Manami Matsumae, the genius behind the original Mega Man soundtrack among plenty of other recent indie successes.

Ohhhh, that's so good. Matsumae even broke a little modest tradition to give the song a bump.

I first saw the materials for Red Ash in late May, and I was asked to compose the theme song. As soon as I saw the concept, I thought "Wow, some stylish Jazz tunes would go really well with this!" and everyone replied "Really!? We were thinking the same thing!" They left it up to me to freely compose the music I wanted to write. They really didn't ask for anything specific, and just said "We want a really catchy melody!"

Unlike the near future feel of Mighty's music, it's more difficult to compose Jazzy tunes with catchy melodies, but I came up with some pleasant chord progressions fairly quickly. From there, the melody almost wrote itself. It's very different from what I've written up until now, and I love it! I hope everyone enjoys this song as well; it would make me really happy!

RED ASH – The Indelible Legend currently sits overt $330,000 with 25 days remaining. It needs $800,000 to succeed and $1.5 million to tell its entire story over six episodes. I hope it happens… in full! I don't think I can stand another Mega Man Legends pulled out from under my feet, and I don't think I could stand seeing another hero stuck in limbo for the rest of his existence.