With less than a week remaining and hovering just over 50 percent of its goal, Comcept has finally addressed one of the main complaints about its abysmal Kickstarter campaign for RED ASH. It has gone ahead and uploaded gameplay footage. Incredibly early gameplay footage from a prototype mind you, but gameplay footage nonetheless.

What we see here is guaranteed not to make it into the final product. Comcept sates that "everything shown is a work-in-progress with placeholder assets." You think? Beck's character model is that of the original Mighty No. 9 and not the sleeker, leaner character dressed in red we see in the promotional art. He runs through a featureless factory, using the same animation to back up and walk forward, and kicks a few cans around.

Comcept claims that this video is to show off the atmosphere that it is going for, but I'm finding it hard to feel anything positive about it.

Beck's actual model has been digitally created, but not animated in a convincing way yet. At least it looks nice.

It's rough to say the least, and if Comcept is hoping that this will salvage the campaign and turn it around within a week, then it has horribly misread the market even worse than it did before launching the campaign in the first place. People are confused by a lack of clarity regarding the game's quality and release model, not by wondering if the product actually exists.

This comes off as a desperate attempt to put something out there to prove Comcept is beyond the inception phase of the game and is not blindly asking for money, but it only raises more concerns than addressing older ones. Comcept claims that the model will be replacing the placeholder in a few days, but why not wait until then? Oh yeah, because time limit on the campaign will be much closer to wrapping up and there will be no momentum heading into the final push.

See what I mean? Nothing in this campaign has gone correctly because Comcept is rushing to fix its mistakes, and it is being reactionary rather than having this planned out from the beginning.

I want RED ASH to happen. I really, really do, but not like this. I want it to be a sensation, not a questionable squirt that crawls out the gate. We have less than a week to go before this train-wreck wraps itself up. Then, perhaps Comcept can finally put this experience behind it, push Mighty No. 9 onto the market, and try again with more gameplay footage, insight into what the public wants, and actual information about a release model.

Until then, this has lost my support. Keep up the work on ReCore until then, Comcept.