Red Ash

RED ASH needs to do something exceptional to excite the gaming audience if it wants to become the best game it can be. It has been floundering on the cash flow over at Kickstarter, scoring only $460,857 of the requested $800,000 with 10 days remaining, and it is coming up far short of the success Comcept's previous Kickstarter hit, Mighty No. 9, saw a year and a half ago.

Many have pointed towards the lack of a console version as the main culprit, and Comcept has finally responded with a PlayStation 4 stretch goal.

It had previously stated that it would bring the game to a "mystery" console at the $1 million mark, which didn't exactly deliver the confidence needed, and RED ASH continued to take two steps forward, one step back. The PlayStation 4 version was finally announced after backers were polled, and of the 2,628 total votes, 1,749 had overwhelmingly requested Sony's console.

655 votes followed on the Wii U, and only 224 went towards the on the Xbox One.

"We have been checking the results on a daily basis and this was the overall trend since the poll opened. As promised, we took the in-progress results of this poll to our 1st party contacts and were able to make headway in our negotiations with the various parties. As a result, we were able to officially confirm the development of Red Ash for the PlayStation 4."

But will it be enough? RED ASH only asked for $800,000, but that is for the bare minimum of what it can really be, three episodes and half a story. Comcept originally promised the remaining story at $1.3 million, but switched it to $1.5 after it announced its "mystery" console console stretch goal.

I have little doubt that the campaign will reach the $800,000 goal, but beyond that, who knows? Fans don't want an incomplete story line. Then it really would be like Mega Man Legends. This campaign has been a bit painful to watch, somewhat confirming the fears that there is no room in the gaming industry for another Mega Man Legends title or anything like it.

Hopefully, support from the world's best selling console machine will inspire others to take a look.