This week’s leak from a foreign ratings board is brought to you by Germany. ReCore, the third-person shooter from Comcept and Armature Studio, has been rated by the German USK for the Xbox One before Microsoft got the chance to announce it.

This certainly is timely because ReCore never actually wrapped up its DLC plans. Promised content that didn’t materialize by the “early 2017” deadline could end up in this edition, and if this is true, fans are sweating over whether or not owners of the original will get the content for free.

The elusive content includes a fifth robot that acts as a tank and an entirely new area that requires its maneuverability to traverse deadly quicksand. Fans believe that this was supposed to be in the main game already since the area clearly exists behind a patch of quicksand, but the tank seemed to have been quickly yanked for the purposes of DLC, leaving it inaccessible.

Hopefully, if this leak proves to be true, Microsoft doesn’t extend too long past that “early 2017” window in delivering this content.

A chance to finish, something Mega Man Legends didn’t get

Due to the involvement of Comcept’s Keiji Inafune, former producer of the Mega Man games, many saw this third-person shooter as a chance to relive the days of the Mega Man Legends series. Similar combat and colorful design certainly made it look like the two could be related, and they now both share the same ultimate fate of never actually coming to a close.

If ReCore can wrap up all of its plans, if will have done something that Mega Man Legends never did: finish.