Nintendo set record sales numbers for the Nintendo 3DS over the week leading up to and including Christmas in Japan. Andriasang has it from Famitsu gaming magazine who has it from Enterbrain, a Japanese sales statistics company. In that single week at retail in the Land of the Rising Sun, the Nintendo 3DS moved 510,629 systems. Total sales in the year-to-date for the handheld are now up to 4,135,739 units.

The 510,629 units sold mark breaks the Nintendo 3DS' previous single week sales record of 367,691 units by a large bounty.

Andriasang also covered two big Nintendo games in the discussion of sales numbers. Both Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land have broken the 1 million units sold mark in Japan, they are the first 3DS games to do so since the launch of the system…which is pretty telling of the device's software library at launch and beyond.

These sales points all contribute to an argument that I made on TechnoBuffalo in editorial fashion a few weeks back concerning Nintendo's handheld. That feature was "Enough Already, The Nintendo 3DS is Not Failing." If you find yourself reading that piece any time in the near future, feel free to apply these figures to the discussion to further evidence my points.

Even if you're not particularly a fan of the Nintendo 3DS or the company behind the product, great sales news in the gaming industry during a time of economic struggle should always be welcome. Nintendo's success in the industry means that other companies, given sound decisions and strong products, will likely do well too.

You can bet Sony's looking at Nintendo's sales numbers now and hoping the international market will retain that willingness to spend good money for great products when the PS Vita launches outside of Japan. One portable's success could translate to widespread economic growth for the full industry.

[via Andriasang]

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