charlie-chaplin-modern-timesSites such as Kickstarter have been a huge boon for people looking to get ideas off the ground, but what if the immense Internet audience isn't a big enough stage? To capitalize on the growing tech industry and the human appetite for reality TV, a show is reportedly brewing that's being billed as the "X-Factor for Tech." Don't worry, "it's going to be out of this world."

Of all people, personality is attached to the project alongside British bad boy Simon Cowell, who will undoubtedly make a few contestants cry with embarrassment and rejection. I bet we can already draw up a rough plot outline of the entirety of the first season whenever it does get off the ground; right now it's just an idea brewing in the overactive mind of Mr.

It will apparently work in the same manner as ABC's "Shark Tank," which allows entrepreneurs to pitch ideas to investors and business personalities. If such an idea does make its way to airwaves, let's hope the show attracts some actual revolutionary ideas — maybe a Doc Brown-type character will show up — and not some nutso eating machine.

[via ABCNews]