Out of the many superhero powers dreamt up by the comic world, Wolverine’s are perhaps the most badass. His animal-keen senses are cool, as are his enhanced physical capabilities. But its his metal alloy adamantium claws that make him really stand out as one of the most dangerous X-Men. What kid hasn’t imagined themselves with Wolverine claws? Even adults are fascinated.

One master swordsmith and propmaster, Man at Arms’ Tony Swatton, handmade his own pair of Wolverine claws, and they’re just as devastatingly beautiful as we imagined. Swatton has experience developing props for over 200 movies, but these are likely his best work. Not only do they look amazing, but incredibly brutal—the end montage highlights that very point.

Until we figure out how to bound adamantium to a person’s skeleton, Swatton’s creation is the closest we’ll ever get to an actual mutant Wolverine. Just don’t expect to see them at any conventions, as Swatton points out, though they would make excellent accentuations to a costume.