The Order: 1886 may have been delayed to 2015, but that doesn't mean the hype train is slowing down.

In the video above, posted recently to the PlayStation blog, the team behind the game talks about the development process behind the primary enemy, the Lycans. That's short for 'lycanthrope,' just in case you don't play Dungeons & Dragons or watch Kate Beckinsale movies. They might not be werewolves exactly, but they're definitely not zombies. The video shows off some of the transformation and animation sequences for the monsters, and it's clear the studio has put a lot of work into making the monsters as unnerving as possible.

One of the things the team is doing is tackling something movies were working on decades ago – a monster transformation that doesn't require cutting away from the monster while it transforms. That's not difficult to do in a cutscene, obviously, but to transform a character model in real-time is certainly a more involved feat.

Whether The Order: 1886 is a system seller or just a system showpiece, it's looking good and I can't wait to check it out next year.

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