Rdio has announced new and reduced prices for its Family Plan subscriptions less than a month after Spotify launched competing services of its own. Prices for multiple-user accounts now start at just $14.99 a month.

Rdio has been offering a Family Plan option for a number of years, but back in October, Spotify came along with an identical service that turned out to be a few dollars cheaper. Now Rdio has matched its rival's price structure, so each additional listener costs just $5.

For two users, then, Rdio costs $14.99 a month — $5 less than it would for two individual accounts purchased separately. Three users is $19.99 a month ($10 less); four users is $24.99 a month ($15 less); and five users is $29.99 a month ($20 less).

The Family Plan delivers all of the same features as a regular Rdio plan, including unlimited access to more than 30 million songs, You FM, custom stations, playlists, and more. They also allow each user to have control over their own accounts, with their own individual playlists.

Rdio's new prices are already available globally, and those subscribed to a Family Plan should see their subscription price automatically reduced when they are next billed.