The Razer Power Bank combines power, usability and industrial design into a compelling package. The battery comes equipped with a USB-C, micro-USB and two USB-A ports to charge most devices, including computers. In fact, when coupled with the Razer Blade Stealth 12.5-inch laptop, it can extend the computer’s battery life up to 15 hours, which is 6 more hours than the its normal 9 hour battery life

It’s the perfect setup for gamers on-the-go who might need some extra juice to keep a game going well past the Blade Stealth’s already impressive battery life. The Power Bank also features intelligence device detection and Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0. All of this comes in a sleek CNC aluminum casing that makes the battery durable.

The Razer Power Bank will be available for purchase today and it will retail for $149.99.

The Power Bank works best with the Blade Stealth

The Power Bank by itself is a great battery, but it is primarily meant to work concurrently with the Blade Stealth. Razer hasn’t mentioned any software or hardware tweaks that it worked on the get the most battery life out of the Power Bank from the Blade Stealth, but it probably did get that kind of battery extension with a 12,800mAh battery.

Combining the Power Bank with the Blade Stealth is where this twosome really hits its stride. Adding 6 hours of battery life to a laptop is unheard of unless you literally take a huge battery with you. Razer offers that in slim form factor that works best with its own computers. The Power Bank will work with computers like the MacBook Pro and HP Spectre, but you probably won’t get the 6 extra hours of battery life advertised for the Blade Stealth.