Razer’s first phone features quite a unique design, and JerryRigEverything already put the Razer Phone through durability tests that showed it won’t hold up great over time. He then proceeded to tear down the Razer Phone in his latest video, which won’t be an easy task for most people. The plastic grille covers will have to be removed using a heat gun to reach the primary screws.

In total, ten screws will have to be removed. Dislodging the display was fairly easy with a prying tool. A few other components will have to be removed first before finally reaching the display ribbon cable. One of the most striking interior details is an abnormally big heat pipe on the back of the display.

Removing a few more components make way to remove the gigantic 4,000mAh battery. This thing is a beast of a battery, as well it should be. Razer decided to exclude the headphone jack for it.

At the bottom lives the USB-C charging port and the vibration motor. More screws will have to be removed to access these components. The biggest surprise of the tear down is the tiny vibration motor. Instead of having a circulating mass motor or circular coin vibrator that most devices nowadays have, Razer used a taptic vibrator similar to what Apple uses in the iPhone. The key differentiating factor is that Razer’s taptic motor is a lot smaller.

Early feedback of the tiny taptic vibrator has been mostly negative. MKBHD pointed this fact out and JerryRigEverything noted that Razer is possibly overpowering the motor to compensate for its smaller size, leading to the rattling noise it produces.

Overall, the teardown of the Razer Phone is quite complicated. Some parts will be permanently damaged, like the plastic grilles, so you’ll have to have replacements ready if you go down this journey. It’s definitely not something any casual customer should attempt.

You can check out JerryRigEverything’s complete teardown video down below.