Soon, we’ll see another mobile device with gaming-related optimizations enter the market. But this one, from Razer, should be appealing enough for mainstream attention. Just don’t assume the Razer Phone 2 to trot out with a sleek and sexy design, though.

Razer won’t be introducing a new flagship that looks a whole lot different than its last flagship. In fact, you might not discover any major differences between them. That’s because Razer took the existing design and made some tweaks while the internal specifications will be what’s truly upgraded.

The Razer Phone 2, according to mobile industry insider Evan Blass, looks like this:

Based on the leak, the Razer Phone 2 will keep its predecessor’s rectangular shape. The press render shows straight lines and defined edges. Razer also seems to have ignored the thin-bezel trend. With that, there will be a noticeable forehead and chin combination on the Razer Phone 2.

The specifications might underwhelm, too. A recent leak suggested there will be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, 8GB of memory, and Android 8.1 to work with. Even though none of that is bad, the chip and the software are outdated. Razer, meanwhile, has a reputation for pushing boundaries with its hardware and software.

Fortunately, the thick top and bottom bezels should unleash front-facing stereo speakers. Blass also confirmed the logo on the backside lights up. Those two things could excite Razer’s loyal customers.

If you’re waiting for the Razer Phone 2, set a reminder for October 10. Razer will make it official on that day and set the release date. So you’re almost at the finish line to see the Razer Phone 2 and all its special capabilities.