Razer has been making gaming keyboards since 2010, and today it’s taking a step to evolve its brand with the introduction of the Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard. Equipped with its brand new opto-mechanical switch, the technology promises to take gaming to the next level.

Eight years ago, Razer introduced its first gaming keyboard with the Blackwidow. It was equipped with third-party Cherry MX switches and helped jump-start its expansion into peripherals.

In 2014, Razer decided to make its own keyboard switch and introduced the now ubiquitous Green Switch with its tactile and clicky feel. The following years saw the debut of the Orange Switch and the Yellow Switch, each getting more quiet and less tactile for a broader audience.

Now, the Huntsman Keyboard Elite is here to continue the evolution of Razer’s switches. What separates this new opto-mechanical technology is an infrared sensor within each key that captures the key motion 30-percent faster than regular switches due to the 1.5mm actuation point. It has an actuation force of 45g and travel distance of 3.5mm, all which ensure the response will be ultra quick. It’s also rated for 100 million keystrokes.

Razer says it worked on the new switch for three years as it perfected the design. The end result is a finish that works similarly to the Green Switch.

There will be two versions of the Huntsmans keyboard: the Elite model and the standard model. The Elite model will come with dedicated media keys including a play/pause button and a volume scroll, a first for a Razer keyboard. Adding some flair to the keyboard is RGB lightning around the keyboard that takes advantage of Razer’s signature Chroma lighting. Just in case that wasn’t enough RGB lighting for you, the Hunstman Elite will also come with an arm rest that also lights up. This is a first for Razer and will remain a Huntsman exclusive for the time being.

Razer is also selling a standard model without the RGB lighting, media keys and arm rests for a reduced price. The Elite model will retail for $199 and the standard model will cost $149. Both Huntsman versions are now available.