A rumor surfaced last week that suggested gaming peripherals company Razer was in talks to acquire Ouya, the maker of the Android-powered gaming console. That rumor followed a separate report in April that suggested Ouya needed to find a buyer in order to settle debts. Now a bank that says it advised the deal has confirmed that Razer did indeed acquire Ouya.

Mesa Global’s transactions website, which lists all of the deals the bank has worked on — including major transactions like Google’s acquisition of Songza and Beats Electronics’s acquisition of MOG —says that Ouya acquired Razer in June. The site doesn’t list any specifics of the deal, like how much Razer paid or what’s happening to Ouya’s employees, but it does reveal that the transaction is final and did take place.


Neither Razer nor Ouya have, as of yet, announced the acquisition. Ouya’s blog and website makes no mention of the transaction, though customers can still buy the $99 Android console and controller. We suspect additional details on the transaction — and the fate of Ouya’s existing products — will be available soon.