PlayStation PLus

This week's healthy offering of deals for PlayStation Plus subscribers includes two wonderful 2D platforming games, Rayman Origins and LIMBO.

Rayman Origins was one of our favorite games when it was released two years ago, and in fact, it still is one of our favorites today. Rayman's beautifully animated game, thanks to the power of UbiArt Framework, can be yours for free now, but only if you have a PS Vita handy. The PlayStation 3 version is not for sale.

Still, free is free, and if you like, you can download it and cross your fingers for the PS Vita TV to make its way stateside. Then your free game has more value.

Discounts extend to indie favorite LIMBO, and the haunting platformer now sees a drop from $14.99 to $11.99. It's not the biggest sale in the world, especially since I picked it up on Steam for less than $5 recently, but LIMBO is worth the asking price. You can do a lot worse with your $12.

Other games getting their prices slashed include Worms Revolution and Superflat's survival-horror adventure game, Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut. I've never played Lone Survivor, but the trailers and reputation paint it as a great little game. Maybe it's time to check it out.