Rayman Origins was one of the best and most surprising games of 2011. While other gamers were knee deep in Skyrim or Arkham City, I was yelling about how folks should be taking a crack out Ubisoft's newest and craziest platformer.

Rayman Legends was shown off at E3 this past June. At the time, it was only being shown on the Wii U. When I asked whether or not it was a Wii U exclusive, the Ubisoft rep simply said "we're only talking about the Wii U today."

That, apparently, has turned into exclusivity. As the trailer above indicates, Rayman Legends will only be available on the Wii U. Which, for Rayman nuts like myself, means that the Wii U has just gotten a whole heck of a lot more enticing.

Will this new platformer's availability tip you towards picking up the Wii U?

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