This is what I was hoping would happen with Super Mario Maker. I mean, I have some ideas for levels I wish to try, but I know ultimately, those will become a puddle of pitiful next to people who know how to genuinely make levels. When these professionals step in, though, everybody learns and the platform becomes stronger.

The first non-Nintendo professional designer to discuss his own level in the game is none other than Rayman creator Michel Ancel. The man himself is responsible for some of the best platformers of the last decade, and now he has the tools to make his own Mario stages.

I mean, whoa.

In an interview sponsored by Nintendo, Ancel discusses the finer points of game design and what makes his perfect Mario game. Unfortunately, the interview has not yet been translated into English. You’ll have to speak French to catch what must be Ancel’s crash course in Mario Design 101.

Forunately though, Mario gameplay is a universal language that crosses cultural boundaries far easier than spoken words do. Even if you don’t speak French, you’ll be able to play Ancel’s level. Just let that sit on your mind for a minute.

Super Mario Maker will be released for the Wii U on Sept. 11.

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