Hey everybody! Ubisoft is making a new Rayman game… for mobile platforms.

Now, before you smash something, just try to grasp that the original Rayman studio, Ubisoft Montpelier, is the team behind this new Rayman Adventures, so don’t walk away with the impression that this is a game being dropped on the desk of a B-team or C-team. If anyone at Ubisoft can make it work, its the guys who have made it work time and time again over the years.

And low and behold, Rayman Adventures is not an infinite runner! From the description provided, it sounds just like a normal Rayman game with free-range movement and exploration through 2D levels. Something tells me it won’t be as generous with the content as Rayman Origins or Legends, but the trailer shows that the developers behind it haven’t lost their step.

I mean, the game runs at 60fps on smartphones and tablets. That has to count for something!

Ubisoft is calling this “an HD console-quality experience on mobile.” No doubt, poor sales of the previous two games led to this decision, but maybe, after it raises a few bucks, why not let it slip and slide its way onto my PlayStation 4, eh Ubisoft?

More information on Rayman Adventures as it becomes available.