This is hilarious: a man programmed his Raspberry Pi to Tweet at Comcast every time his speeds fell below a preset throughput. I love it. He can just sit back on the couch and let his computer reach out to Comcast every time his Internet crawls to unacceptable speeds.

Reddit user AlekseyP created an account “A_Comcast_User on Twitter” and and set it to to Tweet the exact up/down throughput speeds to the @ComcastCares and @Xfinity accounts. He noticed that, having done so in the past, Comcast was sometimes quick to make changes to increase his speed. With Pi, he doesn’t even need to think about it trying to contact customer support  – the computer just does so far him.

The Tweets show that he pays for 150Mbps down and 10Mbps up data rates, and you’ll note in his feed that it frequently drops incredibly low, as far down as 2Mbps down and 9Mbps up, in one recent tweet. That’s unacceptable for anyone who pays the exorbitant fees Comcast charges to promise such service.

The solution is clever, but we wonder if it’s actually going to help in the long run. Also, sometimes these issues can be fixed with software updates to the modem, or avoiding interference with wireless networks. For now, though, AlekseyP says he has been noticing improved service.

Hit the source for more and to grab the source code.