We talk a lot of portable computers and tablets. Everyone seems to be trying to make the next thinnest, smallest, and fastest computer – well, check out this.

Created by U.K. Game developer David Braben, the Raspberry Pi is a computer the size of your traditional USB memory stick. The "computer" has one USB port and one HDMI connection, allowing you to connect an external keyboard to the device, and connect the whole thing to any HDTV. Once its all hooked up, you have a working Linux machine– all for just $25.

The low cost of the device is one of its biggest features. At just $25, the computer is affordable enough it could be given out to students in schools, or purchased by almost anyone to use. It's also simple enough one could do basic computing, without being confused by all the other options available on traditional machines. On the other hand, the Raspberry Pi will also require you have an HDTV and keyboard kicking around, which may or may not be the case, particularly in low-income situations where one might want or need a $25 computer.

What do you think about the tiny computer? Can you see it being useful?

[via BBC]