Google is reportedly gearing up to add support for the Raspberry Pi 3 to the Android Open Source Project, potentially making it a fully supported platform for Android. Android Police first noticed the potential for Android on the Raspberry Pi 3 with a new repository it spotted on Google Git.

The repository, pictured in the gallery above, specifically references “pifoundation” and “rpi3” which, it’s natural to assume, probably means the Raspberry Pi 3. Android Police warns that this may ultimately mean Google is simply working to get “support for Android to interface with the Pi” rather than actually getting Android officially supported on the Raspberry Pi 3. That would mean, for example, offering support for Android devices that might tap into a Raspberry Pi 3 running on another operating system. The big question is how well the platform could run Android even if it is supported. I’m willing to bet hackers out there could do some pretty great things if that happens.

We’ll just need to wait and see where Google takes this, and if it really means we’ll soon see the Raspberry Pi 3 with Android support.