Banjo Kazooie

Former Rare employee Gavin Price still keeps in touch with his old buddies at the company where he worked for 20 years. Even though he is heading up his own indie studio, Playtonic Games, and developing a spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie called Project Ukulele, he still feels that his old home’s next game is one that will “really make fans happy to see.”

Speaking with The Guardian, Gavin opened up his knowledge on the reclusive British studio.

“I still chat to them, I know what they were working on when I left last year. It sounds really good.

They’re mates and we left them behind to come and do this. I’m looking forward to what they’re doing next – people will be really happy to see it.”

The company has stumbled on some rough times lately with its fanbase, shifting its focus to the Kinect and apparently leaving its plethora of beloved video game properties behind. However, Microsoft has been hinting at a change within the company, and plenty of recent announcements have suggested that those properties will be put back to proper use.

Killer Instinct is already a huge hit for Microsoft debuting as a free-to-play fighter on the Xbox One. Conker will be returning in an episodic fashion through Microsoft’s game creating software Project Spark. More tellingly though, Phil Spencer has teased plenty of Battletoads as of late and mentioned Rare has been “building a uniquely Rare game.” Rare’s own hints point towards a new Banjo Kazooie, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Wizards and Warriors

Is Banjo Kazooie the game that Gavin has mentioned, or are we about to be blessed with a new R.C. Pro-AM or Wizards and Warriors? Man, those were sweet games!

More so than an actual new Banjo Kazooie game, I’m more interested in seeing how his own Project Ukulele holds up against the classic platforming franchise.